Terms and usage

Terms and usage

The use of our system predicts that the user will accept the terms and conditions imposed by us. These terms may be altered without previous warning. If the client violates the terms and conditions of using his/her account it may be cancelled without returning any money back.


The content that will be decrypted by our system is predicted to be of a personal nature. The content can’t contain any malicious coding. Furthermore, we do not take any blame for whatever loss or damage of the content whilst using our system.
All provided services can only be used for legal purposes. Using our system in any way that infringes any copyrights or commercial brands is strictly forbidden.
We are reserved however, in our right to cancel the account.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellation requests must be made through our contact form on our website. The client has 2 days after the activation of services to request a refund. The client will only be entitled to a refund if, and only if, our system was never used by him/her. Once we have accepted the refund request, the client shall be contacted via email to proceed with the refund process.

Ceasing functions

We keep the right to, at any moment, without previous warning, to modify or cancel the services provided and we do not take any blame for any damage caused to the client or other third parties.

Rights of ownership

The files with copyrights or commercial brands are protected to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of copyrights and international treaties respectfully. The content shown through our services is protected by copyrights as a collective endeavour and / or compilation, in the terms of international conventions and copyrights.

Resignation of warranty

The client agrees that the usage of our system is on his own risk. The service provided is available without any sort of warranty. All warranties be them expressed or implicit, including limitation warranties, commercialisation or suited for a particular purpose and the non-violation of the rights of ownership are strictly rejected to the maximum extent permitted by law.


The client agrees that he/she should uphold, indemnify, keep and take the blame off our service for all and whatever demands, responsibilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable honorary attorneys affirming against our service, its agents, its clients, employees or collaborators, that may appear or due to the result of any services given or executed or agreed to be executed by any product sold by the client, his agents, employees or assignees. The client agrees to uphold, indemnify and take the blame off our services against the following arising damages of:

1. Whatever damage to the person or property caused by whatever product sold or distributed related to our services;
2. Whatever material supplied by the infringed user or allegedly infringing the rights of ownership of a third party;
3. Violation of copyrights;
4. Whatever defective products sold to clients from our services.

Account security

Our system predicts that the accounts will be safe and confidential. Personal information kept through our system is for self-use only and is NEVER shared. The only personal information that are kept through our system is the clients name and his IP address.
The share of accounts is also not permitted. If this is found the account may be cancelled without previous warning.

Forms of payment

The only available form of payment is paypal. Any other form of payment suggestions have to be made through the contact form available.